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2020 Membership Drive

We are trying to add 1000 new members by the end of the year, so we are giving everyone a heads up! Our annual Individual [...]

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Welcome to First Flight Society

Our website will give you lots of information not only about the origins of aviation, but also about major aviation milestones and events of today. You will find out what the First Flight Society accomplishes, how to join the Society, and how to contact us.

Return to the Outer Banks every December 17th to celebrate the “12 seconds that changed the world” and meet fellow enthusiasts.

Featured Events

Our Calendar of Events for 2020

Here is the First Flight Society Calendar of Events for 2020:   April 16, 2020                  Wilbur Wright Birthday Celebration May 2020                           First Flight/Girls Golf Golf Tournament  August 19, 2020               National Aviation Day/Orville Wright Birthday Celebration [...]