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Honoring Elrey Borge Jeppesen – His “Little Black Book”

Became Aviation’s Navigation Charts

The First Flight Society invites Northeastern North Carolina students to take part in the First Flight Society 2017 Young Artist Contest.

The Contest is an opportunity for Young Artists in Camden, Currituck, Dare, Hyde, Pasquotank, and Tyrell counties to express themselves artistically according to the selected theme.

The 2017 Contest Theme is:  DESTINATION SPACE – Use Your Imagination!

Participating Young Artists are urged to let their artistic talents soar to create their own personal vision of aviation-as we know it today, and as we  imagine future aviation-the vast world space, waiting to be visited.

Rules for participation in the First Flight Society’s Young Artists Contest


• Required format size is 11 ¾ by 16 ½ inches. If not available, use best equivalent.

• Artwork must not be framed or outlined with borders.

• Any of the following medium is permitted: Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil paint, Indelible marker pens, Felt-tip pens, Soft ballpoint pens, Indelible ink, Crayola, or any similar indelible medium. Note: All art work must be done by hand (or, in the case of handicapped children, by foot or mouth.)


• No Pencil, Charcoal or other non-permanent medium.

• No Computer-generated artwork.

• Collage work involving use of photocopies is not permitted.

• No 3-D artwork.


Children enrolled in the following grades are encouraged to participate in the appropriate category listed.

CATEGORY I Students enrolled in Grades K-2

CATEGORY II Students enrolled in Grades 3-5

CATEGORY III Students enrolled in Grades 6-8

CATEGORY IV Students enrolled in Grades 9-12



The First Flight Society
2017 Young Artist Contest
P. O. Box 1903
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

All art entries must arrive by Close of Business March 15, 2017 to be judged in the competition. Only one entry per Young Artist will be accepted. Entries will be judged by a panel of individuals well-experienced in artistic endeavors and educational activities.

Competition winners will be announced on Wilbur Wright’s Birthday on April 16, 2017. Winners will be notified and Certificates of Achievement will be sent to their Sponsors who are encouraged to provide appropriate local recognition of the winning artists. First Flight Society will display the winning art work at local Art Galleries and at First Flight Society events, including 2017 National Aviation Day. The Society will retain all submitted artwork.

Sponsor Application

The following information is required to be clearly placed on the back of each piece of artwork submitted to the First Flight Society

Title of Art: ________________________________________________________________________________

Category: (I, II, III or IV)


I certify this is my original and unassisted artwork:

Signature of Young Artist

Also print name:


Student’s Address: _______________________________________________


Full Name of School and Address: ______________________________________________________________


Date: _______________________,2017

I/we certify that the artwork titled above is the true independent work of the young artist named above.



[Certificate must be signed by student’s educator, art teacher or mentor.]