24 03, 2020

Our New Membership Program Starts March 1st, 2020.

Our exciting new Membership program started March 1, 2020! We introduced new levels that include new privileges and swag that are a step up from our current program. Just to give you an idea, the new 1900 Wright Glider membership will now include one of our exclusive First Flight Society ball caps with embroidered logo!FFS is encouraging Wright Brothers fans to join in March for $40! Readers of our website and Social Media pages are getting the inside scoop! Use the code KITTYHAWK1903 at checkout!

Here are the new levels for annual membership:

$20 Wright Kite (members 18 and under)

$50 1900 Wright Glider

$150 1901 Wright Glider

$250 1902 Wright Glider

$500 Birth of Flight Business Membership

$1500 1903 Wright Flyer Lifetime Membership (individual only)

You can read about our program by downloading the PDF below:


Membership forms