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The Power of 1903 ($19.03)

Make a recurring or even a one time gift of $19.03 and become a founding member of Club 1903 supporting the First Flight Society. In cooperation with GoFundMe we are raising money to benefit First Flight Society, and any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to our organization.

The First Flight Society’s primary mission is to memorialize Orville and Wilbur Wright, first in the world to successfully achieve powered flight in a heavier than air machine, on December 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. First Flight Society invites and promotes visits to the Wright Brothers National Memorial, so all may see the birthplace of powered flight. First Flight Society contributes to the advancement of aviation through programs, activities, education and the arts.

Your donation will help us tell the story of the Wright Brothers to children and adults now and in the future!

Please join Club 1903 now. The cost of two or three skipped espressos will help First Flight Society expand its programming and scholarships for years to come.

Founding Members

Mike Fonseca
Tim Gunter
Alvah Ward
Phyllis Miller
Robert Yanacek
Roy Mills
Tony Bruno
Thomas Bridwell
Steven King
Kimberly Morton
Paul Carr
Kenneth Wiley
Barbara Gourley
Lee Gourley
Brenna Wright
David C Von Rump
Darion Lim
Brent Lane
Keith Leonhardt
Melissa M. Merrell
Forrest Jones
Abel Nasser Bernal
Doug Young
Michael Sowa
Robert Merrell
Trent Mitchell Merrell
Taylor Nathaniel Merrell
Mitchell W. Manning
Erin T. Manning
James Matthew Manning
Michael Cowles Manning
Lena Hope Manning
Sharon S. Corey
Matt Thomas
Scott Thomas
Adam Corey
Helen C. Jordan
Jo Williams
Bryan Cobb
Christian Thompson
Bill Douglas
Blake Sauls
Joe Era
Geneva Perry-Ward
Keith Wentzel
David McClay
William Weiss
Douglas Schreiber
Phil Woodruff
Mary Woodruff
James Dadson
John Roberts
Karen Cox
Shannon Castillo
Chase Corley
Glenn Gunn
Robin Corley
Chuck Corley
Clark Human
Chuck Bradshaw
Richard Barnett
Tanya Kelly
Diana Belkowski
Michael Smith
Bill Hinkle
Brandon Abbey
Jacquelynn MacCoy
Clifford MacCoy
Karol Quidley
Keri Wass
Austin Crum
Russell Joyner
Aaron Houston
Breynn Bailey
Biff Jennings
Anthony Panto
Keith Carper
Rod Hanson
Randall Burdette
Mark Jacob

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