FFS Announces 2020 Paul E. Garber Shrine Inductee!

//FFS Announces 2020 Paul E. Garber Shrine Inductee!

FFS Announces 2020 Paul E. Garber Shrine Inductee!


On December 17, 2019 the First Flight Society will honor Colonel Gail S. “Hal” Halvorsen, USAF (Ret) as the latest aviation pioneer inducted into the Paul E. Garber First Flight Shrine as part of the 116th Anniversary Celebration of the first powered flight and the legacy of Orville and Wilbur Wright..  The First Flight Society selected Col. Halversen to honor all the flight and support crews who participated in the Berlin Airlift, and to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the end of the Berlin Airlift, lasting 15 months in 1948 – 1949 as part of a joint operation including members of the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, British Royal Air Force  and U.S. Army Transport Command. 

Colonel Halvorsen, officer and command pilot, has received numerous awards for his role in “Little Vittles”.  Halvorsen has also received numerous awards and recognition by civic and State organizations for his missionary and volunteer work.  Best known as the original “Candy Bomber”  flying C-47’s and C-54’s  during the Berlin Airlift his military and humanitarian career advocated for candy drops in like conflicts in many other countries.  Professionally, he has held many notable positions including helping develop reusable manned aircraft at the Directorate of Space and Technology, commander of Berlin Tempelhof Airport, and service at military bases around the world.

Born October 10, 1920 Halvorsen grew up in rural Utah and Idaho.  He earned his private pilot license under the Civilian Pilot Training Program in 1941 and almost immediately joined the Civil Air Patrol as a pilot.  He joined the US Army Air Corps in 1942 and retired in 1974.

The Dare County Regional Airport will host the annual recreation of Colonel Halvorsen’s candy drop on December 16.  On December 17th visitors will once again thrill at the traditional flyover at the Wright Brothers Memorial Monument in memory of those “12 seconds that changed the world”.