Message from the President…

//Message from the President…

Message from the President…

Where have 3 years gone? At this year’s annual meeting a new president of this great organization will be elected. As i look back over the last 3 years, I remember some great events put on by the Society on December 17, August 19 N.A.D. and April 16, and putting our Wright Brothers re-enactors in our local schools.

When a new situation comes up I believe in the saying, “Adapt and overcome” to solve new problems. Our commitment to financially support the NPS through the Friends Agreement will be terminated this coming December. This frees the Society from a host of restrictions on fundraising and where the funds had to go while still working with the NPS.

We entered into an alliance with Elizabeth City State University with a Memorandum of Understanding which is beneficial to both parties. The MOA allowed a transfer of the Shrine portraits under a loan agreement to the University for their use. They have already proven to be a great partner to work with and have a great Aviation program which continues to expand.

Lastly, Thank You to the crews that put in countless hours to ensure the Golf Tournament was a success, and the Wright Brothers play turned out as well as it did. This year the University will host the play on campus with some added dialogue about the brothers’ time in Elizabeth City.

See you there –