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December 16th and 17th, 2023
Celebrating the 120th Anniversary of the Wright Brothers First Powered Flight

December 17th we honor the Wright Brothers and their legacy and the first flight at the Wright Brothers National Memorial. We will also be honoring a new hero of aviation. We cannot help others experience this important story without you.  Your support keeps the inspiration, adventure and exploring spirit alive for the next generation of aviation pioneers.  Thank you!

Dr. Paul E. Garber Shrine

In 1966, the First Flight Society began the Dr. Paul E. Garber shrine where we honor those “firsts” in aviation and aerospace. The display of portraits is housed in a display at the Wright Brothers National Memorial Visitors Center. The current honoree’s porttrait is on display along with a video presentation.

Youth Aviation Art Contest

In 2013, First Flight Society started the Youth International Aviation Art Contest. While there are many aviation art contests throughout the country and the world, First Flight Society felt it was important to have its own art contest at the place where the First Flight occurred – at Wright Brothers National Memorial. We had outstanding contributions from youth and you can see their artwork in our magazine and also our on our website. Your contributions will assist us in making it possible to have all winners present as we celebrate their art and achievements.